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REMAINING 72.312.104 AVE
Total sold: 24%
Soft Cap: [ACHIEVED]
Sale Started (Nov 12th)
Presale Softcap [ACHIEVED]
63.800 ETH Hardcap (end Dec 20th)

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Democratizing Cryptocurrency

Our mission is to make cryptocurrency easy-to-use and accessible with an all-in-one platform.

While promising, cryptocurrency is still fairly inconvenient for most people. Paying at a cash register, moving money, and exchanging between fiat and cryptocurrency are all still either complicated or impossible in today’s crypto-marketplace. We aim to simplify this, hoping to spark a revolution in cryptocurrency that leads to mass adoption and an environment where cryptocurrency is used at point of sales.

Born out of a collective 30 years in cryptocurrency, our team possesses an unparalleled understanding of the problems facing the industry today. As a member of the growing cryptocurrency community, we have built a solution to cater not only to enthusiasts, developers, and investors, but also to people who have found the cryptocurrency challenges too immense to participate.

Powered by the Avesta blockchain and accessible through the Avesta wallet, Avesta technologies will liberate cryptocurrency from the bounds of complication and inefficiency.

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Token Sale Terms

Offered during Token Sale

Reserved for Community

Minable during 30+ years

  • 12.500.000 AVE Softcap
  • 37.500.000 AVE Targetcap
  • 100.000.000 AVE Hardcap
  • 5.000.000 AVE Reserved for bounties
  • 90.000.000 AVE is offered during the ICO
  • 100.000.000 AVE can be mined over 33 years
  • Accepted: Bitcoin, Creditcard and Ethereum

Development Roadmap


We are a team of experts, backed by the crypto community.

Aydin Farhoudi
A leadership junkie, purpose weaver and catalyst visionary with more than eight years of experience in B2B sales, finance and merchants approach
Jan van Melle
Tech Savvy, Expert in engineering.
Blockchain Guru
Kongpop Wongrung (Kong)
Mining Specialist
Mining specialist in Thailand
Hardware and software solutions
Blockchain Developer
A specialist in blockchain technology
Business integration for blockchain solutions
Ashwini Khemlani
VP Marketing
Expert in Digital Marketing

Avesta Ambassadors

Nick Paelinck Business Analyst Expert in Change management and participating in various projects
Thierno Diallo Ambassador Chief Infrastructure Management
Selwin Teterissa Ambassador Sales and PR
Maarten De Haas Ambassador Marketing and Communications

Avesta Community

Duenchay Kruenak Thai Community Marketing and Communications
Laura VD B
PR support
B2C marketing with experience in Point of Sales

Avesta Advisors

Hind Sissid Community and PR A Dynamic Leader of projects, Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Ali Farhoudi
Community Manager
PHD Science, Ghent university, Institute Pasteur
Adam Tse
Hardware Advisor
Improvement for Proof of Work and mining efficiency
Kenneth Vanmaele
Experienced Product Designer
Deepak Khemlani
Financial Service Advisor
Expert in B2B Financial Services with more than 20 years experience across APAC
Antoon Erauw
Legal Advisor
Taxlink Partner and Member of legal netlink alliance, a network of independent business law firm in Europe, USA and Asia

Avesta Investors and Partners

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